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Yahoo Chat rooms suck, big time I mean.

Along with Skypecast and Paltalk, I’ve tried Yahoo Chat Rooms. They really suck. Big time, I think. They don’t allow us to create our own chat rooms. Well, this is due to some sort of ad-bot or inappropriate conducts in the rooms, but rooms available on Yahoo chats are extremely unmoderated.

I have tried Skypecast, Paltalk, and Yahoo Chat. I have realised that it all comes down to how to meet the right people (well, I think it is the same in the real life).

My next try is to get to know people on the web, some sort of forum, to know people and open a cast of a room for the chat with the same purpose.

Vier Minuten – Four Minutes

I am not a big fan of German films, but this is, I must say, pretty good.

An old pianist found a talented female inmate and trained her to win a competition. and the rest is pretty much the usual struggles. The teacher probably projected her lost girlfriend during the nazi time on the inmate (well, I saw it that way). and I guess she must have fallen in love with her (not that she expressed that emotion).

There is no twist in the story. The film ends at the inmate playing at a concert. This last tune, the tune she played at the competition represents what she is. She is a maverick.

I really love the tune and I ordered the soundtrack on Amazon. I would be pretty upset if the album does not have the tune, thou.

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

So I think this is the current boom in PC market triggered by ASUS EeePC. I don’t like its design. Instead, I bought HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. I like this metallic design a lot.

The link is to US web site. I bought mine in Japan. So SKUs are a bit different. There are two SKUs available in Japan, high end and low end. I bought High end one. It costed me around USD 760 (well, I’ve got a various disscounts).

The installed OS is Windows Vista Business. To tell the truth, with Vista this PC is useless. It is so slow. I was fairly disappointed by the performance. There are a lot of reviews on this notebook. So I embarked on them and decided to install Windows XP.

In short, the performance with WinXP is pretty good.

I’ve been playing around a bit. It is pretty nifty. One problem is that it gets pretty hot on the bottom. There is no way that I can use this pc on my lap.

Yes! I bought HP 2133 Mini-PC

I juuuuust couldn’t help myself buying this mini-pc. I spent all day downgrading from Vista to XP. I’ll write more on this one. This is pretty nice. I am writing this post in my bed. Not bad at all.

Very tired…

I am sitting in my chair looking at my computer monitors.

I have emails to reply, books to read, decisions to make. I would like to do nothing this evening. I am plain tired.

When we put a lot of energy, into whatever, work, relationship, that energy bounce back. To me, it always bounces back in a down turn. What I am saying is that, the success or upturn does not go on forever. It always pause and change its direction.

I think this year has been a very difficult year for me to go through. Not that I am facing very difficult issues, but I don’t feel right.

What a stress

Man…. after I changed my position from an engineer to a marketer, I have had chances to do presentations in front of 10 to 50 people. It isn’t a nice thing. Your hands and voice are shaking because of the pressure. I still haven’t got used to it. Well, I think I need to do more… practise, practise.

out of breath writing blog

Yes! I have nothing to write about, lol. Well, I think there are, but I am a bit too tired to write posts.

Well, my degree wasn’t art. I was a science student (ah… precisely info tech). I wrote a lot of codes in different programming language, but not much in English (lol).

Now, writing class sounds charming… some sort of essay class.

A nice thing about Paltalk room

is that you can host your cast any time. You don’t need to schedule it like Skypecast. You just open it up and you can close it down by leaving your own room. It is pretty nice. I’d say less pressure hosting a room because you will not leave your own room unmoderated.

and I like the text chat thing along with voice. The voice chat on Skype is much much better. That full duplicate voice communication is the best I have seen on the Net, but when it comes to control your own room (or cast), Paltalk is better than Skypecast.

The half duplicated (one way) communication is a bit awkward, but it gives you well structured communication helped with the text chat.

I’ll talk a bit more on Paltalk. So far, so good.

taking a break on jogging

I have been running (jogging) for three years. It’s in the forth year. Jogging is the beginning of my day.

This year, I run for 2 to 4km. I could run for 10km last year everyday. Not this year. I have run the full marathon 5 times. I didn’t challenge last year and I think I am not going to challenge this year, either. I am not prepared for that. I am plain tired.

So I am going to switch my morning jog to biking. I am hoping that this is going to give me a different physical stimulation and get rid of my fatigue…

Swimming is good, too, but it costs a bit to go to a gym.

Transition to Paltalk…

Yes, I am thinking about it. Instead of hosting a cast on Skype, I am thinking about hosting a room on Paltalk.

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