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A cast in English or Japanese?

If you have made a cast, you know that there is an option to choose in which language you would like to create your cast. As I have wrote in my previous posts, if you create your cast in English, sometimes you get an immense number of people coming into your cast. It is much quieter to create an English cast in Japanese language option (which seemingly does not make much sense). This is the only option I know to avoid some non-sense perverts on Skypesphere.

However, there is the other reason I do so. If you speak English as your second (or third) language, relatively and fluently, having no problem communicating with other English speakers and you have joined some other skypecasts which are held by locals (e.g. US locals), you have no clue what is going on in that cast. Not because it is something to do with your English, but it is something that you don’t share any everyday life things with them, the locals.

I have created my cast in English and one time, a bunch of Australians came in. That was fine. We have exchanged greetings and that was all. When they start talking about jokes. That was like ‘eh?’. You have no idea what the f**k they are talking about. Now, this is where ‘creating English cast in Japanese’ comes in.

  1. You get Japanese speaks pretty good English who share similar cultural heritage with you.
  2. You get foreigners speaks English who are interested in Japan.

 This creates quite nice and chill-out skypecast. You have a less number of f**king perverts in your cast. Alas, you will have some Japanese perverts.

Now, a problem arises… you will have people who do not speak fluent English. They have no idea how to interupt our conversation and they just keep talking. Conversation starts with listening, not speaking. Um, this might not be nothing to do with the English begineer… it may be something to do with his/her character…

Anyway, I haven’t been holding ‘from where i live…’, but’ve been holding ‘late night sessions…’ instead. I don’t know…. ‘from where i live…’ is more focused on discussion-discussion. ‘late night sessions…’ is much more relaxed cast. Well, you are reading my blog, you might have been in some cast with me or you’ve been to my cast. Swing by if you have some spare time to kill, I’ll be listening to your stories.

something funny… maybe silly…

I’m thinking about creating a funny skypecast or even silly…. I don’t know… It would be fun to create an atmosphere for non native English speakers to talk about anything in English… I don’t know…

what would be funny? relaxing? I’ve been doing two skypecasts, but they get pretty tense sometimes in talking about something serious.

late night sessions (japan mix)…

I just found out that If I put my cast in ‘Japanese’, then it will not be posted in ‘Live’ tab and people will not rush into my cast. It was disaster last night. So I’ve been holding a series of an hour skypecast in ‘Japanese’ instead of ‘English’. I assume that people can still search my cast by keywords, but it will not show up in Live tab.

It is going to be pretty quiet, but that’s fine. That’s the nature of my cast.

‘right… so it was ‘Live’ tab causing a massive incoming of participants…

7/June – Late Night Sessions…

I’ve got a nasty flu and I decided that I just stayed home doing a series of skypecasts. I don’t want to get into really seriou talks. So this time again, I host ‘late night sessions…’.

I’ve hosted 3 3-5 hr skypecasts in a row. It is not healthy act (laugh). Someone pointed out it is better to have 1-1.5hr cast and recreate it one after another. I wasn’t sure about the idea because it may interrupts our conversation, but it does not. It just stops listing is the directory and the cast goes on for a while. Then, I can recreate the cast again to move onto or I can move onto a private chat with participants.

I am also gaining a bitter view point against people with Arabic cultural background based on their behaviour in the cast. I’ve met a nice/modest/intelligent Iraqi person. Although, I have fairly racial prejudice against them (I would like to call it ‘generalisation’, but a lot of them object this, thou). I am hoping I will meet someone with Arabic cultural background who is going to change my view point.

I just like to have a quiet small skypecast to talk about my favourite topics…

Oh… and there are a few things I need to be careful when I create a cast.

  1. People do not read a skypecast summary. They just read a cast name only.
  2. A certain words attracts a number of people. e.g. ‘English learning’.

late night sessions on 1/June

You don’t know who you bump into while you are doing the skypecast. That’s what I thought, last night.

‘late night sessions’ gives a different idea to people from ‘from where i live…’. It draws a lot of weirdos who are just looking for some odd sexual activities on the Net. It may be because of the words ‘late night’, I don’t know. Anyway, that’s fine. I just put them down to Listening; but you always, almost always, someone very intelligent, who speaks well, can give you some insight on some things you don’t know about, among all those odd people.

I think that’s the benefit of doing the cast. I got to say, I like doing it.

By the way, I found out that you just don’t pick everyone up to Talking at once, but you pick one by one finding out who they are and their sound condition. I didn’t get many people when I casted ‘from where i live..’, but this one gets a fair bit, sometimes it just spiked up to 40-50 people. I don’t know how that can happen. It probably someone distribute the cast number to somewhere. I just take my time, put everyone in the listening, ignore all request of any sorts and I just pick one by one. Then, the cast will settle down.

late night sessions…

07:50-11:50 (JST). Laid back… least moderated cast. Let participants’ talks flow… hmm… it’s not bad at all.

People just jumped in and it became a total mess… It is not a wise idea to host three casts in a row. I need to have a life here other than Skypecast…

Skypecast for 2ch’ers

I came by a thread at 2ch ( regarding to Skype ( having a discussion to create a skypecast for the thread. It’s not my style to be a regular in a particular thread in 2ch, but out of pure curiosity, I wanted see what sort of people come to see the cast. So I created one for the thread.

  1. ‘t was good that a certain number of people came to join in.
  2. My expectation on people ware a bit more wild, but they were fairly moderated.
  3. Their English wasn’t top notch (well, mine isn’t either), but it is understandable considering the nature of the thread.

Well, I enjoyed it. I don’t think I will do it again. I would like to have my usual cast. Well, do I announce my cast at 2ch? Nah… too much, I suppose.

Keywords… (was: Plan: Sat, 24/May)

Hmm… Keywords are pretty tricky… it draws a different spectrum of people into a skypecast… they represent my skypecast in a nutshell. ‘cultural_diversity’ and ‘your_story’ are must, but I am not sure about ‘english’ and ‘japan’. ‘english’ is a bit too broad and probably most frequently used keyword and it isn’t effective as search keyword (well, I don’t use ‘english’ to search a skypecast). ‘japan’, on the other hand, narrows audience too much.

  1. Do I put a keyword to catch/draw attention of people in a certain social class as a topic? i.e. ‘LGBT’, which may draw attention of people to my cast who I usually do not have a chance to meet in my everyday life.
  2. Or do I put a keyword to catch/draw attention of people in a certain geographical area? i.e. ‘Asia’?

I may have a series of short casts in this afternoon see how it works.

[Previous post] I am going to host my skypecast on this Saturday, but I am not sure about when to do it. If it rains in the afternoon, then I probably do it in 2hr slot between 14:00-17:00. I am not sure. Anyway, I will be doing my cast either on Saturday or Sunday. Check out with keywords like ‘cultural_diversity’, ‘english’, ‘world’, and ‘your_story’. I am going to use a underbar to keep the word order, but I think you would be able to find it just using ‘diversity’ (well, I don’t know, I haven’t try that out yet). It does not have to be a full concatenated word, I guess.

The topic is always the same. You jump in and you tell us your story or you jump in and you practise your English which is very fine with me. I will update the schedule here.

Review: Sat 17/May

It went well. It started off with Chinese and Korean to chat with, slightly awkward (but the beginning is always awkward). It grew into a small group of 4-5 people and it went on to the corruption in Philippines. It was quite surprising to see how corrupted Philippines has been in a grass root level and we have been misled by their government that Philippines are clean and highly educated country according to a lady’s talk. It was heartbreaking to hear her struggle to fight against the corruption in her organisation alone (darn, I forgot to ask her to add her to my list). However, I truly enjoy finding out what I can’t get from the media. It is so amazing and fascinating what people can reveal their everyday life which I am so oblivious to.

I think I am shaping my cast into something like

  1. trying to create more friendly atmosphere for people who speak English as their second language. Well, I speak English as my second language and I think I have a softspot for them, especially if they are the beginners and I know the difficulty learning a language.
  2. talking about cultural diversity and ethnicity. I don’t share any particular cultural heritage other than Japanese. I can’t go into someone else’s cast talking about their everyday life with them. I would have no clue. I like to have a story of their life. What I can do is to find out about their heritage, not to jump into it to be a part of.

I found hosting the cast for 4 hrs is a little bit too long for me to intensively facilitating it. I might shorten the cast to 3hrs. I don’t know…

This time, I removed ‘Japan’ from keywords. It attracted people with different background from the previous casts (not that it is a problem). I wonder what is going to happen if I remove ‘English’ from keywords.

[Plan – previous post]
I’ve been busy working on the last Saturday and I could not host the cast. I am planning to have the cast again to hear stories from people on 18:00, Sat 17/May (JST). If you are interested in joining in, please swing by. You can search the cast by keywords like ‘english’, ‘japan’, ‘cultural’, ‘diversity’.

I will not set a topic for the cast, but I would like to start off with asking you a story, your story, your life. I don’t know why you are roaming on Skypecasts. You are just looking for people to chat with, but if you have a story that you would like to get off your chest. Please, come join us to share your story with us.

Review: Mon 5/May Skypecast

It was very good as always. Thanks for everyone participated in my skypecast.

I initially set up my cast for 30min, because sometimes skype fails to set up casts. You can join in, but you don’t see no one. So my initial setting is to go for 30min to see whether the setup is ok and extend that to 4 hrs. I was into a talk with a very nice American and I forgot to extend the cast, so some of you missed the cast.

Anyway, after the extension, I again had a group of nice people. We intensively talked about immigration issues and moved onto cultural diversity in each participant’s country (UK, Japan, New Zealand). Particularly, talks by the participants from UK and NZ were very interesting and realised (or reminded) us that how difficult immigrating to other countries is. It may be because we, as immigrants, have very optimistic about the future, but a harsh realisation is that being a racial minority is not that easy.

Another topic that we talked about is that accepting immigrants which was led by UK participant. I was talking about Japan and we probably need to start accepting immigrants to revive the dying country/labour force, but there is reticence to accepting them. It may be wrong to say reticence. It may be more appropriate to say that we, Japanese, are lacking a concept of having immigrants. So visiting Japan is great experience, but once racial minorities start taking our jobs, I strongly believe that we are going to be quite hostile towards the minorities. oh… and I had an Australian person coming to Japan shortly. Enjoy your stay!

I am not sure that I am going to host the cast, tonight. I need some break, but see what’s up. I may feel like it.

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