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Review: Sun 4/May Skypecast

The beginning of a skypecast is always awkward, but it picked up discussions pretty well. We got some nice and calm people into discussions. 4 hrs of facilitating the cast was pretty tiresome, but I think it was worth doing it.

The discussion varied from economical forecast to racial view points based on participants’ experiences. I must say I enjoyed it.

I will again host the skypecast again tomorrow. The topic is unset, but I am going to pick up something from my local newspaper to start with, but I always welcome everyone to raise your own topic.

it is goig to be hosted on a usual time, around 18:00 (JST) on the same name, ‘from where i live…’. You can search it by my skypename jpmidnight.

Review: Sat 3/May Skypecast

OK, the cast went very well indeed, but rather topics we talked about was a bit sensitive. I started with diet and regiment. Then, it went on to cannibalism, whale hunting, and Tibet (well, this is because there were a few Chinese people there in the cast).

I think the discussion got quite emotional and there is nothing wrong with it, but I would like to provide a little bit more laid back atmosphere. I think it all depends on how I facilitate discussions.

Let’s pick up your local news as our topic tonight to talk about. Again, I am going to set up my usual Skypecast on 18:00 (JST) with a title ‘from where i live…’. See you there.

Review: Fri, 2/May Skypecast

There was something wrong with Skypecast. People and I could join in the cast, but we could not each other. A problem is that we are not able to cancel the cast. I should start the cast with the duration of 15-30 min and extend that to longer duration to avoid this bug.

Anyway, I am going to put up my cast on around 18:00 (JST). Our topic is going to be diet and regimen, again. This is about how you eat, not how you lose your weight. We can talk about Vegetalianism/Veganism to some extent and you can blame me for Japanese whale hunting.

Review: Thur, 1/May Skypecast

I had avarage 5 – 10 people in the cast, good conversations, but I saw some problems.

  1. continuous 5 hour casting is too long. Probably, 2hrs and I extend that depending on my physical condition (laugh).
  2. Setting a topic left up to a listener is not a good idea. I need to set a solid topic even we can talk about anything.
  3. I need to moderate native English speakers to give a chance for non-native English speakers to speak up. I think I gotta put everyone in ‘Listening’ status for that.

Anyway, it was a good casting. The next Skypecast will be 18:00 Fri 02/May (JST). Topic would be anything, but the default one is Diet. you may have very strict regimen. You can tell us about it.

(18:09) There is something wrong with Skypecast… you don’t see anyone in ‘from where i live’.

Hosting Skypecast during 01-06/May

OK. It is 6-day holiday in Japan. I am planning to host Skypecast. Come join us.

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