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Looking back what I worte in the past…

There are posts marked with private and not visible to everyone, anyway… There are around 400 posts and I don’t think I would go through every single posts, but some of them are clearly milestones of my life. The initial purpose is to practise my English writing (still is), but it also has a side […]

Time to organise Skype contact list

There is a number of people on my Skype contact list who I don’t ever contact again. They are ones I met on Skypecasts.

Obsolete category

There is a category which is absolutely obsolete. That is “OnlineChat” which is initially created to update my Skypecasts discussions and reviews. Now, they are gone and I am not participating any other online chat group, i.e. Paltalk. I probably wouldn’t use this category any more. I am wondering there is any way to switch […]

moving away from Skypecasts community

Not that I am moving away from the community intentionally, but it happened that way. I rarely speak with people I met in Skypecasts.

Forming a small English study group

I haven’t had much time speaking in English since Skypecasts were gone. It wasn’t a great place to learn English, but at least it provided a place for me to speak some English. Now, I occasionaly speak some English at weekends. That’s all. A lot of conf calls going on hosted by a number of […]

English chat sessions…

I have lost a significant amount of time talking in English since Skypecasts were gone. I probably speak English at my work doing conf calls. The current skype conf calls are merely places to practise your English at all. They are just daily conversation in Japanese. If your intention is to practise your English, they […]

Alternative to Skypecasts

OK, let’s get to it. There were two sides on Skypecasts. A tool, Skype. A community, Skypecasts Now, we’ve lost the community for good. It’s gone, nada. So what we can do about it? Moving onto Paltalk. That is certainly an alternative, but as a tool, Paltalk is not efficient. Skype is quite advance communication […]

‘night – the end of the casts Well, I found this news on the net and hmm… and was a little bit taken aback, but it maybe a sane decision, thou. So this is something telling us to move on, telling us that “Don’t waste your weekends sitting in front of your computer talking to loonies” (sorry, no offence). I must […]

Posting a comment with your OpenID

On this site, you are required to enter your name and email to post your comment to my post. Now, you can use you OpenID to post your comments. This has two benefits. You don’t need to enter your name and email, but your OpenID. Your comment will be appear on my site immediately without […]

What a peaceful Sunday, lol

OK, I am writing this post on Sunday morning. I went for a jogging, came back, took a shower, ate a light breakfast, reading books (well, and writing this post). No cast or any online chat thing. This is good, lol. I like it. Things get nastier online, sometimes (not that I am facing such […]

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